Episode 81: Expanding Your Creativity with Poet David Chislett

We often think of creativity in terms of the thing that we’re creating, but in this episode with poet and creativity activator David Chislett, you might have your understanding of creativity deepened and even turned inside out and upside down. As David says, what the thing becomes is irrelevant. The idea is to just start, see where it goes because creativity is a quantum phenomena.”

This episode will hopefully not only open you up to some new ways to think about creativity and your own creative gifts, but David also shares some practical, research-based ways to both access those aha moments that we love and to support your own efforts in bringing your creative ideas to life in whatever format that might be.

Two of my favorite quotes from this episode:

“Poetry is the art of saying very much with very few words.”

“The ability to be creative is not dependent on skills, but your execution of an art form is. So it’s not so much that your ideas suck, it’s that your execution sucks.” I love this because so often we doubt ourselves and our ideas when it’s not our ideas at all. We just need a bit more practice in the medium in which we’re executing our work.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • The importance of opening up to the process over becoming attached to the pre-conceived end result
  • The concept that creativity is not a spiral but a quantum phenomena; it’s about potentiality
  • Allowing space for your unconscious mind to process and develop ideas because this is how we’re designed
  • The power of aha moments and how when we’re busy in our heads does not allow for aha moments
  • How structure and repetition can allow for creative moments and ideas to happen
  • A few ways to quiet the monkey mind so you can hear your creative ideas and aha’s

During the episode he read the following poem:

The Resistance

We were not nice, we were not good, we were not particularly pleasant

But we were keen, we were thirsty

We went out exploring

Snuck out the back door

Ventured down backroads

Found things disturbing

We turned left instead of right

Learned to prefer the night

Selected lesser known roads

Explored lands without maps

We got lost

We never returned

Where we washed up is where we stand

It wasn’t good

It isn’t much better

But we refuse to believe

We cannot see

We were young, we were free, we were not very smart

We were restless, we were disturbed

We ran away

Let’s be honest

We fled the coop

Took a chance on the outside

That’s all

Didn’t have epic journeys

Discovered no new theories

Brought back no gold

Went nowhere at all

We grew up where we fell

That’s all

David Chislett

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Meet David Chislett

Born in Britain, raised in South Africa, resident in The Netherlands. Nowhere and Everywhere are home. I am a published author, poet, musician and artist. I have also been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. The link that joins everything in my life together is creativity… I am interested in the human condition: what it means, what it looks like and how to get the most out of it.

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