Episode 84: Developing a Mindful Writing Practice with Author & Teacher Lissa M. Cowan

Bringing mindfulness to your writing practice helps develop consistency in your practice, and it can also make you a more descriptive writer as you slow down and notice more. We dive into all of this more with today’s guest, author Lissa M. Cowan who writes in a variety of genres and teaches fiction and structural editing at the university level. She also has a super popular writing mediation course on the DailyOm with thousands of students.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • The value of mindfulness to help writers find calm and reach their creativity
  • A few specific visualizations or prompts to get started
  • How writing mindfully can help you open up to ideas and your imagination
  • How these practices can help us become better writers

Lissa’s Books

Meet Lissa M. Cowan

Lissa M. Cowan’s signature 21 Day Writing Meditation Course has close to 3,000 students and has been rated a top Art & Writing Course on DailyOM, a popular website that offers holistic living for the mind, body, and spirit. ​She is the author of MilkFever, a historical fiction novel (Demeter Press), co-translator from French of a book of poetic prose titled Words That Walk in the Night (Vehicule Press), and other fiction and non-fiction. Visit her author website for more about her writing, and the writing life. She holds an MA in English Studies from the Université de Montréal and a post-graduate diploma in writing from the University of Victoria, B.C. Along with teaching Write to Calm courses online, she also teaches in the writing program at Calgary University. She lives in the Gatineau Hills (Quebec, Canada) in a house high in the trees with her cat Toiyabe, a laid-back Nevadan.

Connect with Lissa M. Cowan

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