Episode 85: Lowering Your Expectations to Happily Achieve Your Writing Goals

In this episode, I share my own looking back process as well as a key lesson around expectations and my writing that I’ve learned and how it’s shifted my writing practice this fall and moving forward into 2022.

After the past few weeks of looking back at 2021, confirming my own personal findings with a little research, adjusting my own writing practice accordingly, and enjoying my writing while I make significant progress, I’ve discovered the value in having lower expectations for myself.

Here’s what I discuss in this solo episode:

  • The value of looking back at the past year (before we dive into setting goals for the new year)
  • How to look back
  • My big lesson on lowering expectations and how that’s shifted my own writing practice
  • Why lowering your expectations for yourself might be the key to actually making more progress on your book
  • A fascinating study that looks at the relationship between happiness and our expectations for ourselves
  • You can follow Janet Conner here and/or check out her book The Lotus and the Lily. Her intensive is here.

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