Episode 86: Becoming a Novelist with Mystery Author Amy S. Peele

My guest on this week’s episode, Amy S. Peele, started writing in mid-life after working through The Artist’s Way and discovering that she loves to write. It took a few more years to become an author as she was also working full time in her thirty-five-year career as a nurse in the organ transplant field. She’s now taken that expertise to the page and has published two, award-winning, medical murder mysteries with a third on the way.

Amy has not only become an amazing writer, but she’s pretty darn funny! She’s looking at writing a romantic comedy next. I want to thank Amy for taking the time to share her thoughts and wisdom on writing. I really enjoyed this interview.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How she learned to embrace and reboot her imagination as an adult and become a novelist and writer
  • A great trick to deal with your inner critic, or “the gremlins” which is what Amy calls those negative voices
  • How she uses power hours with her writing group to support her writing practice
  • How her writing group provides accountability for her to show up to her writing (if you need this type of support, check out the Let’s Write Club).
  • The value of the collaborative support of a good developmental editor, writing group, or book coach
  • How she bases her victims on some real life not so nice people to add the emotional drive to those scenes and characters
  • The value in writing what you know, especially if it’s a specialized field like she writes about organ transplant, because the author knows the details in an authentic and accurate way
  • Using the concept of “pleasure bundling” to hold yourself accountable to your writing practice
  • What’s next in her writing career!

Amy’s Books

  • Cut by Amy S. Peele
  • Match by Amy S. Peele

Meet Amy S. Peele

Amy S. Peele RN, is the award-winning, best-selling author of Cut and Match, medical mysteries with a mission and a side of humor. Before becoming a writer Amy enjoyed a fascinating 35-year career in the organ transplant field which provides an authentic backdrop to her books. She learned early on in her medical career that humor was an important survival skill and studied improvisation at the world premier school, Second City, in Chicago.

Connect with Amy S. Peele

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