Episode 88: Editing Your Book with Editor Kris Emery

Editing is a huge piece of the writing process, and it can also feel like one of the most daunting. What kind of editor do you need to hire? What kind of editors and editing are there? How do you work with an editor? How can you find one to work with? We tackle all of these questions nad more in this interview with editor and now author, Kris Emery. Her book Destination Author was released in Feb. 2021, so if you get as much out of this interview as I did, be sure to check out her book on Amazon.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Different types of editing
  • How editing is not something you just hand off – it’s actually quite collaborative
  • What to look for in an editor
  • How to find an editor
  • What she’s learned through the process of working with her own editor

Kris’ Book

Meet Kris Emery

Kris Emery is a non-fiction book editor for entrepreneurs, writers and speakers who want to extend beyond their current business services and reach more people with their message. With over a decade of working with words and a masters degree in linguistics, Kris guides first-time authors to write a valuable book that they can feel excited to put out in the world.

Connect with Kris Emery

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