It’s a new year AND a new decade, so this episode is all about embracing being a beginner, especially when it comes to your creativity.

Being a beginner seems to have become my new “norm” this decade, so in this solo show, I share four basic “beginner principles” to help support you in starting and continuing with any new creative endeavors that might be calling to you.

Beginning a project or learning a new creative skill can be terrifying and hard. We’re not good at it. It can be uncomfortable to be crappy at something. 

But it can also be SO much fun, especially if you accept that you’re a  beginner.

In this solo episode, I talk about:

  • Four principles that I’ve learned about beginning so many projects that have helped me keep going
  • Some of my own beginner failures
  • We learn in “pieces” and how that can impact our overall success

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