Episode #90: Writing Memoir with Uma Girish

Reading a great memoir allows us to connect deeply with those who have struggled, who have walked similar journeys to ours. In this conversation with memoirist Uma Girish, we discussed the contract that a writer has with a reader to really dive deep and be honest, her unusual path to a contract with Hay House, and so much more.

This episode is a recording of a live session that Uma did in the Let’s Write the Book Club, so I had a list of questions from members as well as one member who joined us live and asked about writing challenging emotions.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • A brief discussion about language and writing your memoir in your first or second language
  • What exactly is memoir and how it’s different from other genres
  • How memoir is an importatn part of making meaning of our story and our lives and the importance of sharing that
  • How we have a contract with our reader to tell our most truest and honest story
  • The wisdom in the wound
  • Some thoughts on writing your story as a memoir or as a novel
  • Uma’s story of getting a contract with Hay House (which she attributes all to her mother after her mother passed)
  • The value of getting a writing community and group to improve as a writer and increase your confidence especially when you’re first starting
  • A great exercise to connect with the stories that want to be in your memoir using your body and memories
  • A brief discussion about showing vs. Telling to capture the emotion in your memoir

The first episode Uma did on the Dear Creativity Podcast

The Let’s Write Book Club – a monthly membership for writers who are ready to write

Uma’s Books

Understanding Death: 10 Ways to Inner Peace for the Grieving

Losing Amma, Finding Home

Lessons From Grace

Meet Uma Girish

Uma Girish is an award-winning author. Both of her most recent books were finalists for the Chicago Book Awards. After reading her Losing Amma, it is clear why. Her memoirs are beautifully written, both heartwrenching and uplifting at the same time – no easy feat to achieve for a writer. She is currently working on a memoir on her marriage.

Connect with Uma Girish

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