Episode 92: Tarot for Writers with Margaret McNellis

This episode is the second tarot chat in a series with author, tarot reader, and book coach Margaret McNellis. Last week, Margaret shared ways to use tarot cards to help you plot your novel and develop your characters. This week, we discuss ways to use the tarot to break through writing blocks and deepen your own writing practice.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How Margaret uses tarot cards to help her understand the creative blocks that might be hindering her creative flow
  • Margaret’s “Break Your Block” spread to help understand and get insight into our blocks why we get blocked and how to get through it:
    • 1st card – a card in the center for the overall writer
    • 2nd card – put above the center card – the surface of the situation, what we’re aware of in this creative block
    • 3rd card – below the center card – the root of the situation
    • 4th card – to the left of the writer card – what is the writer resisting
    • 5th card – to the right of the writer card – the path to healing
  • How the cards can help writers become aware of the blocks that are hindering their progress

Margaret McNellis, MFA, M.A. is the author of the Heroes of Sherwood series, an Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach who specializes in adding a dash of magick to her writers’ journeys, and a solo eclectic intuitive witch with a tarot/oracle deck addiction. She has a podcast–The Magickal Bard–which discusses the intersection of magick and writing. Margaret’s flagship course, Your Next Book, helps writers plan or fix their stories with the tarot.

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