How to Listen to a Podcast

Over the past month, I showed my sister how to “queue” up podcast episodes, and I also taught another friend how to listen to podcasts through the app on her phone.

My friend had been wanting to listen but the the tech felt hard, and she didn’t know how to access these programs.

As an avid podcast listener for years and a podcaster for the past two, it honestly had never occurred to me that people were unsure how to access them or create a list of episodes to listen to, so let’s fix that. I’m sure my sister and friend aren’t the only two out there struggling with this!

So, if you want to listen to a podcast on your iPhone, here’s how (there’s a video at the bottom for android users):

  1. Find the purple podcast icon that comes on your phone and tap on it. It looks like this:
  1. It will open up in a podcast browser screen. There are podcasts on every topic you can think of from hobbies like quilting or pokemon, to business, to news, interviews, true crime, fiction, and yep, there are quite a few on creativity and writing. You can browse through the shows that the Apple app shows you, or you can search for your own interests.
  1. To search for shows and episodes that might interest you, click the little magnifying glass in the lower right-hand corner. A search box will appear above shows that you can browse. You can type topics or specific shows into the search bar.
  1. In the search box that comes up, type “creative writing.”
  1. On the results screen, you’ll see shows that deal with creative writing at the top. If you scroll down, you’ll see specific episodes from different shows that discuss creative writing. My show may or may not popup. It’s a mystery how Apple decides to show results.
  1. If you find a show you like, tap on the image for that show. Or if you want to listen to Dear Creativity, Let’s Write go back to the search bar and type in the name of my show (if it didn’t come up in the search results).
  2. You’ll go to the main page of the show you select. Mine looks like this:
  1. Once you get on the show’s page, you’ll see all the episodes listed in descending order with the most recent at the top.
  2. To listen now, just clicktap the “play” (or in this case “resume”) button at the top.
  1. If you’d like to queue up a few episodes in your play list, scroll through the episodes. Next to each episode, you’ll see three little horizontal dots. Tap on those.
  1. Choose “play next” or “play last” to add that episode to your queue of upcoming episodes. By doing this, you can add a bunch of different episodes you’d like to listen to while you’re driving, walking, doing laundry…whatever.
  1. If you find a show you like and that you’re interested in seeing the most recent episodes each week, go back to the top of the show’s page. Tap on the + button at the top and you will be “following” that show which means that the show and it’s episodes will show up in your podcast library.
  1. To find all the shows that you’ve saved and followed, you need to go to your library. To get there, tap on the library icon at the bottom of the screen.
  1. There, you’ll be able to see all of the shows that you’ve followed as well as the latest episodes those shows have released. You can follow the above steps to add any episodes that look interesting to your queue.

If you have an Android phone, I found this little video that walks you through the steps to listen.

Once you’ve found some shows you like, I encourage you to leave some ratings and reviews for the creators of those shows. They mean a lot to podcasters and also help boost the shows in Apple’s algorithm, especially if they’re Indie productions like mine ie. not a huge production team/marketing budget.

And that, my friends, is how you listen to a podcast! I hope you find them as enjoyable as I do.

I’d love to hear about your favorite shows and/or episodes in the comments. I’m always looking for good listening and there are so many good ones out there!

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