Wanna know how to get your book published ?

We had three experts in the publishing field for a three-part, FREE Q & A Series and the replays are here for you. Grab a notebook and a pen because you will want to take notes on all the great info.

Wanna know how to get your book published ?

Join three experts in the publishing field for a three-part, FREE live Q & A Series and get all of your questions answered.

You want to get your book out of your heart and head and into readers' hands, but you've got a few questions...

We've got answers!

During these sessions, pros in the publishing field, an Editor, Author, and Literary Agent:

  • shared information on their area of expertise in relation to publishing a book
  • answered participants questions on what it takes to get your book ready for readers and out there in the world

We brought our experience and know-how and answered all the questions. The sessions are over, but the info in the replays is invaluable, especially if you're beginning the writing and publishing journey.


Editor Megan Zavala

Megan Close Zavala is an international book coach and editor who has worked with New York Times and internationally bestselling authors. She has spoken at writers' conferences nationwide and has trained hundreds of authors on all things book- and publishing-related. She specializes in working with nonfiction authors sharing their experiences and expertise with the world.  You can find out more about Megan here.

Amy Isaman - headshot pink

Author Amy Isaman

Amy is a book & writing coach and author. After completing her first novel, she worked with a professional editor and landed an agent, only to have her novel not sell to a publisher. She continued writing and chose to self-publish both her first and subsequent novels as an independent author. She's also navigated the road to having her books published in audio format.

Anjanette Tulle #6

Agent Anjanette Fennell

Anjanette is a literary coach and agent who has assisted both debut and experienced authors in attaining book (or multi-book) deals. She has experience selling into the Big 5 as well as smaller independent publishers and is driven to demystify the process and help writers find their ‘right match’ publishing path. You can find out more about Anjanette and her work here.


For each session, each expert shared what it takes to get published. Then, we opened up for your questions.

Editing Your Book

Editor Megan Zavala will discuss how to take your manuscript on a journey from first draft to published book including the importance of knowing when to ask for help and all of the amazing ways that an editor is integral to making your book a success. She'll also cover the different types of editing.  Every author needs a roadmap on their writing journey; this information will help you customize one that works for you!

Self / Indie Publishing

Author Amy Isaman will discuss what it takes to publish a book on your own. Writing your BEST book is your first (and most important) step. Once it's complete, there's more to do get your book on Amazon and other retail outlets including the cover, formatting, print, digital, and even audio options as well as myriad other details that indie publishers do on their own.

Traditional Publishing

Agent Anjanette Fennell will discuss the process for finding your ‘right fit’ agent and how to write a query that will entice them to sign you!! She’ll share some behind-the-scenes stories about what to look for (and what to look out for) so you connect with an agent that can help you land a contract with a publishing house that’s thrilled to launch your book into the world.


If "write my book" is listed as one of your goals or you've had this dream for your whole life but you don't know how to do it or even where to start, this Q & A series is perfect for you.

Since I've written and published my books, I've had so many people who have wanted to "pick my brain" to ask their questions. I adore talking to and working with aspiring writers, but I don't have all the answers. It takes a team to get a book ready for publication and your readers. So, this Q & A series is exactly what I wished for when I started on my own writing and publishing journey. I had so many questions and would have loved to have had the opportunity to ask questions of an author, editor, and agent.

This is YOUR chance. And as a bonus, all three experts work as book and creativity coaches, so if you'd like some 1:1 support on your journey, we'd be happy to chat and see if we can help.

I would LOVE to see you write and publish your book, to entertain people with your fiction, educate them with your expertise, or connect with them through your memoir.

Let's make THIS the year that you get that book out of you and into the world.



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