POV Part 4 – 4 Questions Before Choosing 3rd Person Limited

Third-person point of view (POV) is the most common POV used in contemporary fiction. Writers use the pronouns “he,” “she,” “it,” and “they” and refer their characters by their name. For example, a first-person statement might read: “I sat down and put my head in my hands. What am I going to do? Stay? Leave?” A third person revision would read, “Susie sat down and put her head in her hands. She wondered what her next move should be. Stay? Leave?” In either case, the reader knows what the character is thinking.

Like first-person, third-person POV allows for a close connection with the POV character. As the writer, you can get in the POV character’s head and share their thoughts, attitudes, and feelings about the action. You can also write in the POV character’s voice which allows you to further develop the POV character.

If you don’t want to choose just one POV character, you can also have multiple POV characters. However, you cannot change the POV character in the middle of a scene with a limited viewpoint.

Third POV might be a good choice for your story if you answer buy generic wellbutrin xl online yes, to all of the following questions:

1) Do you want your reader to have a closer, more intimate connection with your POV characters?

2) If you have more than one POV character, can you develop and maintain their distinctive voices throughout your story? Is this important to your story?

3) Do you have more than one viewpoint character who needs to tell the story? Do you have multiple storylines or sub-plots that would require POV shifts?

4) Will there be events that you want to narrate that you don’t want to share from inside the narrator’s head?

The questions for first-person and third-person are somewhat similar.

Why is that? Because they have many of the same benefits in terms of allowing for a close connection to the character and developing voice.

If after answering these questions and the questions in the first person post, you are still unsure of which POV to use, choose third-person limited POV. It’s the most common and popular POV because it’s also the easiest to learn to write well. Start there.

Which do you prefer? First-person POV or third limited? Share in the comments below.

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