Finding YOUR Story

Have you, by any chance, read any novels lately that have a vampire or a werewolf in them? You have?!?

Actually, I’m not shocked because it seems that ideas come in waves and writers tend to follow trends. Now, the market is glutted with vampire stories, and I know I, for one, am tired of them.

Do you have a vampire story banging around inside of you trying to get out? If so, write it. If your story needs to includes vampires, then by all means include vampires. But don’t include vampires because Stephanie Meyer did and millions of readers liked it.

Instead, write what is true to you.

In the Rick Riordan video I posted here, he talks about “finding the story you were meant to tell” because “that’s the story that you should be writing.” Don’t worry about what might be currently popular. Write what’s in your heart, your truth. Those are the stories that we want to read.

When I look at my works in progress, there are no paranormal elements, wizards, or angels. I wonder what that means for publication. But then, I’ve decided not to worry about it. I want to tell my story, the story that is bubbling up inside of me and that wants to get out.

What’s your story? How do you find it?

You write.

You write without any worry about publication or what people might think, just write. Write to prompts. Write to music. Write by hand or type. Your story will come.

Last fall, I saw Maggie Stiefvater, author of The Scorpio Races, speak at a conference. She talked about her love of Celtic mythology. As a kid, she read mythology books filled with stories and as an adult, she has continued to read these stories not to “get ideas” but because she loves them. Not surprisingly, all of her books have elements of Celtic mythology in them and that’s where many of her ideas come from. She writes her truth.

I have a student who loves Disneyland. She’s been numerous times and can tell you anything about it. Last spring, she shared her current work that includes all kinds of elements from the Magic Kingdom. When she told me about it, I wasn’t sure how it would work, but when I read it, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s original and it’s her truth, her story.

Grab onto that truth and write it. It’s what your readers want.

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