Craft Matters

Guiseppe Arcimboldo, copy?, after? - The Librarian - Google Art ProjectI spent the last three days at the Ventana Sierra Advanced Writer’s Workshop – wow! The biggest lesson I learned, a lesson that I heard over and over, was that mastering the craft of writing matters . . . a lot.

I met and talked with writers like Ellen Hopkins (Crank, Burned etc.) and Cinda Williams Chima (Warrior Heir series), both of whom are New York Times bestsellers. I spoke with professional literary agents, editors, and publishers.

The advice they offered all began with writing a great book. Even if you have a fabulous idea for a story, you must be able to translate your amazing creativity to the page in such a way that people want to read it. You do this through learning and practicing your “craft.”

Just as a painter needs to know about brushes, color, and composition, a writer needs to know not only what happens, but also what their story is about, why they are telling this story and how to tell it to the very best of their ability.

Think about the most important can i buy zyban online elements of your story and how you can convey those in a compelling way.

A great writer must master the craft of storytelling including character development, character goals, conflict, action, the story “arc” and overall plot structure, pacing, imagery, details, narrative structure, sentence structure, and word choice to name a few. The beginning of a book must “hook” the reader, and the end of a book must want your reader dying to read everything you’ve ever written.

The great part about writing is that you can learn to do all of this. You might not be able to do it all at once, but you can improve a bit at a time.

First, look at your current work in progress. See if you can figure out what it is about, not what happens, but what your story is really about. Once you’ve identified that, try to decide if you have conveyed that idea in your story.

Have you? If not, how can you add to it?

In the comments below, share what your story is really all about.

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