Writing Prompt – “believe them when they tell you”

Years ago, a dear friend shared some wisdom which is the inspiration for this prompt. I’d been griping about somebody being a flake, somebody who’d flaked on me over…and over…and over.

But I had failed to learn and felt perfectly justified in my complaining.

My wise friend said, “The first time someone tells you who they are, believe them. It’ll save you a ton of grief.”

Huh? I thought about this sentiment quite a bit.

And now, it’s become a rule I live by.

If someone “tells” me that they’re a “flake” by leaving me high and dry, I believe them the very first time and learn not to rely on them again.

This was an, “oh, duh” moment in my life that buy wellbutrin no prescription helped me to accept people for who they are and to avoid getting upset for them not being who I’d like them to be.

It’s also a fun idea for stories because we can ask our characters the same questions. Who are they, really? Are characters who they say they are? Are they their actions? Their words?

Can you believe them? Or not?

For this prompt, write a story, no more than 750 words, based on the line:

“Believe somebody the first time they tell you who they are.”

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