Have you ever had an Epic Failure of a story? Good Job!!

You might be thinking, really? good job? If I wrote a horrible story, why is that good? It’s a good thing to fail because that’s how we learn. So, you can think of your horrible story as a failure, OR you can think about it as practice.

If you write, you’re probably pretty good at it, especially in relation to many of your peers. You might see what they write and think to yourself, “Okay, I GOT this!”  That’s great, but just because you’re pretty good at it, doesn’t mean that everything you write will be amazing. I can guarantee it won’t be.

You still need to practice and not all of your practice will be “perfect practice” because if it was, it wouldn’t be practice.

I remember being in college and taking Creative Writing. It was a horrible experience. I remember one story that I was struggling with. I took it to class for feedback, and it got destroyed. I knew it wasn’t that great, but I came buy bupropion hcl xlhome feeling dejected and even somewhat ashamed that I had taken a risk and shared it, but I learned some important lessons with that story even though it took me awhile to swallow the bitter failure pill and learn them.

I learned that I can’t start with a “theme.” A story must start with plot and characters; the theme will come. I learned that there needs to be conflict that’s greater than the characters. I learned that when I became a teacher, I’d always have my students start with positive comments and things the writer did well.

Those are big writing lessons, and I wouldn’t have learned them had I written and shared a perfect story.

So, don’t wait until your story is “perfect” to get feedback on it. I’m not sure that there is a perfect story out there anyway. Share what you’ve got, and I guarantee you’ll learn something important about writing from your “not-so-great” story.

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