UFO’s – UnForgivably Ordinary (please revise)

I currently have ten quilting projects in various stages of completion.  In the quilt world, these projects are called UFO’s, or “UnFinished Objects.”  I think, relatively speaking, that ten is not that many but for me, it’s a lot.  In fact, it’s driving me crazy.  I want to work on them, but I also am really compelled to write, to make progress and someday finish this major writing project I’ve begun.

It’s interesting that in the writing world, there isn’t a name that all writers understand as a collection of partially finished work, like the UFO’s in the quilt world.  If I were to ask any quilter about her UFO’s, she’d know exactly what I was talking about.  She might even, like me, be able to put a number on how many she had stacked on her shelves or shoved in closets or under her bed or, well, anywhere there’s space.

I don’t consider my writing projects “objects” in the same way I consider quilts objects, so the acronym UFO of the quilt world doesn’t work as well for my writing.  I’ve been thinking about what UFO could stand for when it comes to my partially finished blog posts (the ones that I will definitely finish and post someday), or that scene that I had to stop writing to make dinner.

Perhaps a half completed chapter that isn’t quite working could be “UnForgivably Ordinary (please revise),” or that random blog post that started out as a good idea but didn’t quite go anywhere might just wither into “UnFinished Obsolescence.”

Perhaps my favorite UFO for writing would be “Useless Fodder I’m Over” for those pieces that I’ve revised, and revised, and revised, and they still suck.  Those will probably never be finished. I’m okay with that.  I’ll shove those in my orphan block basket.  Then at least they’ll have quilty friends to hang with.

All the rest that I finish will hopefully become, like this blog, “Utterly Fabulous Odes.”

Okay, I’m done.

Forgive me.

Unless, of course, if you want me to keep going, and then I could write a great “Unbelievably Fabulous Opus,” but probably not here on this blog. I’d need more space.

Okay, I’m really done.

I think I’ll go work on one of my quilting UFO’s.  I know exactly what that will entail.

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