What’s a Blog?

A blog is a relatively new genre of writing, and blogs are everywhere on the net. The word blog comes from web + log. This post here is a blog post.

“Blog” is also a verb. I can blog on my blog (which sounds kind of odd!) Okay, enough of that, back to the topic.

A blog is a great place to instantly publish and start finding readers. Once you set up a blog, write a post, and hit “publish,” you have sent your writing out over the web where people other than your Mom or best friend can read it. This is both scary and exciting.

Some of you have already taken the plunge and posted stories here on WTW which is a great venue for fiction and memoir, but blogs are generally for non-fiction and for building your readership for your writing career.

Are you intrigued? Do you want to start a blog? Great!

You might be asking how do I start and what should you blog about? I’ll write more about how to start next week, but to answer what to write about, well, you can write about anything you’re interested in. There are themed blogs on writing and creativity (like this one), history, specific genres, hobbies, sports, travel, food, life in general, school, education, life as a teen . . . you can focus a blog on anything you want.

To start, buy bupropion xl online brainstorm a whole list of topics you’d like to write about. If you can come up with at least 30 topics, you’re good to go. Start writing. Think of a blog post as a mini-essay, anywhere from 200-1000 words, broken up into smaller paragraphs than a regular essay.

Organizationally, a post has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, similar to a regular essay, but they aren’t as formal. You can add much more voice and character than you might for a school essay analyzing a novel. Often, blog posts will end with a question or some sort of “call to action” asking readers to comment on the blog.

Next week, I’ll write about how to actually set up a free blog, and I’ll finish this post in typical blog fashion: if you are considering starting a blog, what will you blog about?

Or, if you already have a blog, share the link in the comments below.

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