Why do you write?

Last week I was talking to a friend who works with all kinds of writers.

She started listing all the reasons people write: to tell their family history, to tell stories, to answer their “call” to write, to relax, to make a living, to get published, to get a grade (if you’re in school), to have fun, and sometimes people write just because it’s their job or they’re good at it.

This conversation got me thinking.

Why do I write?

Why do you write?

You probably know the answer right away, and if you’re like me, probably more than one of those above “reasons for writing” applies.

I write because I’ve always had stories burbling up inside me, and I finally decided that it was time to get them down onto paper (or screen). My end goal has always been to hold a book (or books) I wrote in my hands, and I’m officially embarking on that journey to publication, the part beyond sitting down everyday and getting the story out.

I thought I’d write some posts as it unfolds as my students have asked about how publishing works.

I have one completed novel, a women’s historical fiction piece. This one started off as a YA, but it grew up somehow while I was writing it. I’m going to start sending out my query letter to agents to see if I can get it traditionally published as soon as I get the query revised to the point where I think it’s good enough to send. A query letter is the letter writers send to agents to try to get the agent to choose their book to represent. Agents get hundreds of query letters, so they need to be well-written. If I don’t get any response to this novel, I’ll probably consider self-publishing or try to use a smaller publisher without an agent…we’ll see.

My second novel is almost complete, well, the first draft at least. Then it needs revision. This novel is a young adult mystery, and writing it has gone much faster than novel #1. My goal is to have that ready to submit to agents by May, if not sooner, and this one I want to publish traditionally because YA is what I want to write.

So, I have two novels written, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to introduce to the world quite yet. Novels must be as good as you can possibly make them before you submit them for publication, so you never want to submit your first draft.

Do you want to publish a novel someday? Or do you write for the fun and relaxation of it? Why do you write? Share in the comments below.

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