Last week, the students in my after school Creative Writing Club came in and filled my classroom with light – that might sound odd, but its the truth!

Were they carrying flashlight? Candles? What?

Nope, actually they were laughing, and they laughed for about an hour straight, and to me, there is nothing like laughing, especially kids laughing, to put me in an amazing mood!

What caused all this laughter? They did an activity we call “Circle Writing.” Basically, everyone gets a sheet of paper, writes the first line or two and then passes. By the end, there is a crazy nonsensical, hilarious story.

Nobody wrote any great masterpieces, but everyone had fun writing! And isn’t that why we do this?

We write because (even though some days we might want to pull out our hair) it’s fun! As an adult, I sometimes forget that as I think many adults do.
But not teens. You are an amazing group that has fun! Thanks for the reminder and remember to have fun and laugh when you’re writing – that’s why you do it!

What are the writing activities that you do that are the most fun?

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