The Overlanders Series

Book 1 - The Overlander's Daughter

In 1847, seventeen-year old Sarah wants no part of walking two thousand miles behind a wagon to Oregon, but her father leaves her no choice. When her innocence is taken in one violent moment, her quilt provides her only solace as she flees into the wilderness.

160 years later, twenty-eight-year old Harper unearths Sarah’s quilt which has been passed down to Sarah’s great-granddaughter, Agnes whose last wish is to record the story of her treasured family quilt before her memory fades completely and the two women embark on a journey to share the quilt’s story. Throughout the intertwined narratives, both Sarah and Harper hold tight to the quilt as they find the courage to accept their losses and tell the truth despite the consequences honesty brings. In doing so, they both discover a resilience and inner strength they didn’t know they had.

Book 2 - The Fiddler's Son
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Oregon Territory, 1852. Five years after Sarah and Charlie survived their westward trek, Sarah’s mother falls ill. They leave their successful saddlery in Oregon City and head south with their son. During their visit, their son disappears. And the obvious suspect is her parents’ nearest neighbor, Jed, the man who almost destroyed them. Sarah must figure out who to trust, if anyone, as she does whatever it takes to find their child.

Portland, Oregon, Present Day. Harper continues to piece together Sarah and Charlie’s story through the letters and journals she’s found, when their descendant, Emmy, appeals to Harper to help her find her own mother. But this will only damage the tentative peace Harper and Emmy’s grandmother have finally managed to achieve.

In searching for those they’ve lost, these women, separated by more than a century, learn that well-meaning secrets actually hurt most those they’re meant to protect.