Hi, I'm Amy,

Through my coaching, workshops, and retreats (when they're safe) I'm devoted to helping amazing women

live joyfully, play hard, create beauty, and express their true selves through writing the stories their soul is calling to them.

You've got this idea for your book but you don't know...

  • where to start
  • how to get through the ugly, messy middle or
  • how to actually, finish the damn thing and make it your best work

Every time you think of sitting down to write, your inner critic comes leaping in and starts yelling, "What!?! YOU!? Write a BOOK? Bahahahahaha."

Let me assure you,

You ARE a creative soul. We all are.

And that idea you have in your head?

It's time to get it out of your imagination and into the world, where you can write it and play with it, and share it.

Workshop Participant
cassie hp

"Working with Amy has made a huge impact on how much I’m engaging with my creative side. Prior to our work together I saw taking time to work on my art or to play the piano as extraneous. Now, I have committed dedicated time every week to get my creative juices flowing. Embracing my creativity has not only helped me personally but it has also helped me grow my business. It’s had a positive impact on nearly every area of my life. I highly recommend working with Amy if you’re ready to change your life through creative exploration."

~Cassie Righter, Curriculum Writer and Group Coaching Consultant

Amy's Story

After teaching high school for years while raising our two kiddos, coaching the Debate team, and sitting on every random committee I was ever assigned, overwhelm and burnout were two of my besties.

And, if I'm totally honest, I often felt WAY too angsty, like the teens I worked with were rubbing off on me.

Amy Isaman Creativity Coach

But I didn't know why.

I'd done everything "right" hadn't I? I'd gotten a degree and my teaching credential. Married the love of my life and my HS sweetheart. Had two of the most incredible kids ever and even completed my M.A. in Lit.

But there was a niggling in me. Something was missing...but what?

After reading WAY too many self-help books, whining to my husband, and feeling like a loser, I remembered something.

Since I was a young girl, I'd wanted to write, but I'd stopped in my early twenties and forgotten that dream.

Even though I taught writing every single day, I'd forgotten to do it myself.

As soon as I picked up that pen, I began to find my way.

One blog post at a time, I shared my words on the internet while I also wrote my first novel and landed a fancy New York agent.

He didn't sell, The Overlander's Daughter, so I published it myself.

In 2017, I left the public high school to create my own classroom online and follow my dream of entrepreneurship, working with women to help them create their creative dreams.

And I haven't looked back.

Because listening to our souls and creating matters.

Even when we're scared and all the resistance and fear and overwhelm comes up, writing our stories matters

It matters because it's FUN and JOYFUL. Writing that story and doing our creative "thing" fulfills our souls and makes us happy.

And that, my friends, is enough.

So...what story's calling to you?
Let's write it.

Idea Consulting & Book Coaching
BT Headshot

"One of the things I value about Amy is her ability to ask me questions so that I can organize the bazillion thoughts cruising through my mind.  Sometimes she sees and vocalizes connections I cannot, and other times she just keeps asking probing and clarifying questions until the ah-ha moment arises.  I always leave my time with Amy energized and ready for another forward step."

~Dr. Brandolyn Thran, Educator & Author