Hi, I'm Amy.

This website is my writer home. You can also find me in my design corner on the internet over at Entwine Web Design where I do custom branding and web design for soulful mid-life women who are coaches, writers, and speakers.

But these pixels here? They're devoted to my books, mentoring and speaking on...


following your heart and living in joy.


I help amazing mid-life women live joyfully, play, and express their true selves every moment of their lives through my books, my blog, and mentoring.

Are you ready to ditch your to-do list and LIVE your to-be list?



How did I get here?

Oh...it's been a long journey. I started my career in the classroom teaching English and drama before taking a hiatus to stay at home with my babies.

While home, I finished my M.A. because "college professor" was my goal...until I achieved that goal and discovered that was NOT it. I dabbled in direct sales and ran retreats for women which I loved.

My main focus was always "Mom," so when my kids got old enough, I headed back to the classroom because doesn't every kid want to go to high school with their mama?!?

While loved the kids, the job itself was stifling.

So, I picked up a pen and started to write and to blog, to achieve a dream I'd had since I was a young girl.

I love writing and teaching and launched a website for teens called Where Teens Write for teen writers to share their stories. After a disastrous experience with a designer, I ended up building this website myself and discovered web design.

I loved it. It was like quilting and scrapbooking online! Moving pixels was so fun.

I stayed in the classroom a few more years, closed WhereTeensWrite, launched Entwine Web Design and was off and running. I left the classroom and work 1:1 with the most beautiful amazing clients, creating their online spaces.

And, I'm still writing.

Every day, I'm focusing more and more intentionally on what brings me joy because this is IT. This is our one life, well, maybe I'll come back but right now, THIS is the life I'm experiencing.


And I'm learning to live my life unapologetically, on MY terms, doing what brings me joy because that makes me happy!!


I'd love for you to join me in living with joyful intent.

To do that, you can explore my novels or sign up for the 40 days of Play Experiment.