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How long should writing your book take?
We live in an Amazon Prime, Netflix, fast food, "I want it NOW" kinda world. Life moves fast, ...
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Thinking Partners, The Wife of Bath, Sovereignty, The Wife of Bath thinking Partners
One of my dear friends, who's also a book client & official "thinking partner," just finished walking the ...
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Fixing my Blog
Over this summer, I realized that I miss my blog and writing the, "Huh, here's what I'm thinking ...
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Choices Over a Decade: the gifts and regrets
I started reading The Midnight Library this past week. It's a book about regret and choices (and maybe ...
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The Necessity of Space
Usually at the end of the month, I send a "round-up" newsletter to subscribers who only want to ...
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Why Collaboration Matters and How to Find Collaborators
How are you doin' out there? Me? In all honestly, it's been a little up and down with ...
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Finding Fresh Ideas (when everything’s already been done)
Did you know that when it comes to our artistic work there are no truly new ideas? Really, ...
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Demo Day for your Brain (no sledgehammer required)
Do you watch HGTV? I love the house renovation shows, and they all start with "Demo Day." The ...
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Doing the Work
My eyes and my heart have been opened WIDE in so many ways this past week with the ...
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When uselessness is…useful
Years and years ago I wrote a blog post about table runners. I'd been making a bunch for Christmas ...
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What the hell is a table runner for anyway?
[post updated May 22, 2020 from original publish date of Aug. 29, 2011] Every quilter has made a ...
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Your idea is calling…pick up (or sit down)
This week in a creative circle session, one of the topics we were discussing was perfectionism, an issue ...
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Writing for Clarity
I've spent much of my career teaching writing, whether it was in a formal classroom setting or working ...
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The Creative Gap
Here's an encouraging video with Ira Glass' wisdom to keep going on your creative work. I've recently begun ...
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When unexpected words fly out of your mouth…
Let's start this post with an easy question since your brain may be quaran-tired. Here goes: Have you ...
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Questions leading to more questions and ultimately, wisdom
There is not only an epidemic/pandemic of virus out there. There's an epidemic of everyone asking questions, mostly ...
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The silence is NOT so golden (and a few other things I’m learning)
This quarantine has filled life with a level of solitude that has felt at times terrifying and lonely ...
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I got together with some of my biz besties yesterday. We were talking about self-care, and one of ...
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