Nonfiction Book Coaching Offerings

How we'll get your book from concept to completion:

When we work together, you will have regular, weekly support and access to me as you develop your ideas, draft and polish your proposal, and write your first draft.

The work we do together is deep and time-intensive. It's also hugely rewarding and fun! Holding your completed proposal or manuscript in your hands is a thrill.

All coaching packages include step-by-step guidance, accountability, and extensive developmental feedback on your submitted work.

Book Foundations Coaching is a pre-requisite to Book Proposal Coaching or 1st Draft Coaching. Payment plans are available.

1:1 Coaching Options:

Idea Clarity

Start here if you have an idea (or ten) and need help exploring and figuring out which direction you want to head.

This is a single coaching session.

The format is super simple. You schedule your session and answer three questions. Your answers will give me the insight I need to understand where you are and where you want to go. We’ll meet together on the phone or Zoom, for an hour to work on clarifying and developing your book idea(s). Idea generation and refinement is actually one of my superpowers!

You will leave this session knowing if your idea is book worthy and how to work on developing it further.

These sessions do not include any feedback on pages or drafts.

Investment: $122

You can schedule one Idea Clarity Session per quarter.

Click here to purchase and schedule a Clarity Session.

Book Foundations

Book Foundations is for every nonfiction and memoir writer! Here we will figure out the foundational elements of your book such as your why, your overall point, audience, your structure, and your content (plus a lot more).

Taking the time to drill these elements down now will save tons of time later. It will also help you make sure that you're writing a book that works in terms of idea, structure, and even the marketplace.

Together, we will work through a workbook to hash out all of your ideas and get them organized and clarified so you're ready to move forward. We do this in a kick-off call to review the workbook followed by three, 75-minute sessions.

You may purchase additional sessions as needed.

After completing Book Foundations Coaching, you may choose to continue with Book Proposal Coaching or 1st Draft Coaching, depending on your desired path to publication.

Book Foundations is a prerequisite for either Book Proposal Coaching or 1st Draft Coaching.

Investment: $1500

Book Proposal

This is for you if you're going after a traditional publishing deal, and you need help putting your proposal and pitch together.

We will craft a stellar book proposal including an Overview of your book, a detailed Table of Contents, a comparative Title & Audience Analysis, a complete Marketing Plan, and two polished sample chapters

Includes eight, 75-minute sessions with the option to add additional sessions as needed.

Investment: $4800

Following your proposal development, you have the option to add pitch support which includes agent research, development of a pitch plan, crafting your query letter, and ongoing support as you navigate the pitch process. This starts at $1800.

Final note: I cannot make any guarantees that your proposal or your pitch will land you an offer of representation or a book deal.

1st Draft

This is for you if you are self-publishing OR if you have landed a deal and now need to write the book! 

You must complete the Book Foundation's Package with me before we start drafting. If you've done this and are ready to start writing, email me for the link to purchase OR set up a quick call.

We will meet two or three times a month for 10 sessions. For each 75-minute session, you may submit up to 6000 words. I will provide both inline feedback on your pages and an editorial letter prior to our coaching call.

This also includes Mon. - Fri. Voxer support between sessions.

Once the ten sessions are complete, writers move to ongoing monthly coaching with two sessions per month at $600/month.

Investment: $4000

(I currently have a wait list for this offering. Please email me if you are interested, and I'll be in touch when I have availability).

To get started:

Step 1: Schedule a Compatibility Call to talk about your book project and fill out an intake form to give me some idea of your goals and struggles. If you want to know why I do compatibility calls and what you can do prior to scheduling to make the most of the call, read this post.

Step 2: Hop on that free 30-minute call, so we can chat about your book, your writing goals, and your concerns. We’ll also talk about how we will work together to get you to “the end” and make sure it’s a good fit before we commit.

Step 3: We’ll get started with Book Foundations - even if you've already started writing. If you're struggling to make progress, it's likely because your foundational pieces aren't quite solid yet.

Step 4: Make consistent progress on your book with either Book Proposal Coaching or 1st Draft Coaching (following Foundations).

Book Coaching

"Before working with Amy, I was hesitant in hiring a book coach for the simple reason of how can a book coach help me with my writing skills? And I did not know there was such a 'thing' as a book coach, and I never had feedback on my writing that helped me move in the right direction. I was also unsure of where I needed to go with my writing. I had ideas, but I needed guidance. The sessions, emails, and Voxer support kept me going because it helped me be accountable. The more we interacted, the more I learned about my writing.

Magically, Amy was able to help me with my life's journey as I was writing my book. She asked me questions that helped me to go deeper into my true feelings, which in turn, help me make my book stronger. I learned a lot about myself. Writing with her was surprisingly therapeutic! I was surprised at how she could read between the lines and help me go deeper into my story. And, I felt she truly cared because of her honesty, her interest in my writing, and her attitude. I highly recommend her to those who are in the process of writing a book or even journal writing or writing ideas to express their feelings."

~Lynette Vega, Educator & Author

Are you finally ready to write your book?

Do you have a solid why for writing? Something that will keep you going when it gets tough?

Do you have a minimum of two - six hours per week to devote to this process?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you're at the right (write) place.

I work with serious, aspiring authors who are ready to develop, organize, and write their nonfiction books and get their messages out there.

Maybe you've always had an inkling you'd write a book, but that dream has kept getting put off until "later."

Or, maybe you woke up to find that you've got a book that wants to come through you and be written, NOW.

No matter how your book idea arrived,

Now, it's time to act on that dream and start writing.

But, how the heck do you write a book?

Book Coaching

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"One of the things I value about Amy is her ability to ask me questions so that I can organize the bazillion thoughts cruising through my mind.  Sometimes she sees and vocalizes connections I cannot, and other times she just keeps asking probing and clarifying questions until the ah-ha moment arises.  I always leave my time with Amy energized and ready for another forward step."

~Dr. Brandolyn Thran, Educator & Author

Idea Consulting & Book Foundations

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"Before finding Amy, I didn't even know where to begin with some creative projects I felt called to share with the world. It all felt too big to conquer. Amy talked me off many ledges and helped me break my ideas down into bite-sized pieces. I loved just being in Amy’s space.

Amy is an absolutely phenomenal leader and teacher.  She starts with you at the foundation level and helps you to pull all this stuff out of you that you didn't even know you had.  She believes in you when you can't and she genuinely cares if your book succeeds.

Be prepared to be inspired. You'll have to keep a journal to remember all the good ideas you’ll get as you work through what you want to focus on."

~Sarah Mertzlufft, Life Coach