START THE QUIZ: WHAT'S YOUR PLAY PERSONA? Begin (re)connecting with your creative self!

It Pays to Play!
I teach ambitious, busy midlife entrepreneurs how to play and have guilt-free fun, so they can get out of overwhelm, EN-joy their life, and grow their business.

If you've built a business that you love, you're in the right place. Your business is your baby, and like a baby, it’s all-consuming…all the time.

But this is NOT what you thought entrepreneurship would be.

You launched your business because you wanted:

  • more freedom
  • more flexibility
  • more time to be with your favorite humans
  • a profitable outlet for your creativity

But you’re working longer hours now than you ever have.

And when you do take time off, your brain constantly focuses on:

  • your business
  • your never-ending “to do” list
  • what you “should” be doing to increase your income so you can finally have that freedom
  • that you don't "deserve" to take a break when so many people need you
  • the swampy guilty feeling you get when you're not working and you've got SO much to do
  • that same swampy guilty feeling you get when you are working and not spending time with your family
Your Life is waiting for you!
Ready to have some fun?

Step 1: Schedule a call and fill out the form when you schedule, so I can know where you are and where you want to go before we get on a call.

Step 2: Get on our Zoom call together, so we can talk about your struggles and start your plan to connect with your happy and joy.

Step 3: Get your It Pays to Play program started and we'll dive into reconfiguring your schedule and your mindset so you can en-JOY your life.

Step 4: Play and have fun without any guilt (and with me as your support system and accountability partner).

Investment: $1497 OR three monthly payments of $547

Trust me when I tell you that your business will thrive when you step back, remember what you love to do, and amp up your energy by actually doing it.

Just play. Play often and play hard.

Yes, I said PLAY.

Really…it’s that simple.

But it’s not necessarily easy because it can be a massive mindset shift that requires some work on your part.


Why Play?

When you PLAY, when you focus on your JOY and connecting with your HAPPY...

  • creativity skyrockets
  • happiness happens
  • productivity blossoms (yes, playing is seriously a research-based productivity hack!)
  • confidence increases
  • Resting bitch face…vanishes. Seriously! Your partner will no longer ask you “why you’re upset or mad” because you’re no longer consumed with work All the damn time.
  • Life is just more FUN

I know you...because I was you. Let me are a high-achiever with big dreams and goals. You’re smart and motivated and you’ve got the business to show for it. You're busy, and you're good at it. You do #allthethings, and you do them pretty damn well.

But, you're exhausted. And you’re just not sure that you love what you do anymore because…

ALL you do is work…or think about work.

Even your downtime is work - you’re getting in shape so you can be healthy - NOT because you LOVE going to the gym.

Or, you’re reading a business how-to book before bed because you should, not that smutty romance novel that’s hanging out with the dust bunnies under your nightstand.

Turning OFF your business brain has become incredibly difficult.

When you take for yourself away from your work, guilt dogs you because you don’t see this time as productive, so you have a hard time being fully present in the moment with your kids and family.

You used to know how to have fun but now, you're not so sure. You find yourself organizing your notes or files on your laptop for fun. (You might even have secretly worried that you're turning into a total curmudgeon, a mom who always says no and would rather do anything than play another round of Chutes and Ladders).


Here's the deal...

You WANT to take time for yourself. You WANT to enjoy your family. You WANT to crochet, or read, or ride your bike, or go to the nursery and get some flowers to plant in your garden, or play tag, or go fly a kite...but the reality?

But playing has become another “to-do” in a LONG list of to-do’s that you’re already not getting done.

So it keeps getting bumped back or never added to the list in the first place.

The good news is that YOU’RE READY. You CAN change your life and rediscover the inspired, fun, happy, creative woman you’ve always been.

One Playdate at a time.

Together, we’ll work through my step by step It Pays to Play Program, where we’ll:

  • Celebrate what you’ve accomplished,
  • Dive deep into what brings you joy (and what doesn’t)
  • Shift your mindset to one that recognizes PLAY as one of the most effective strategies to give your brain a break, increase your creativity, and even (bonus) amp up your productivity
  • Take action and implement strategies to make happiness and play take priority on your to-do list,
  • Breakthrough the guilt and blocks that are keeping you IN the daily grind
  • Create a power statement for YOU - you’ve got your messaging for your business, but have you got one for your LIFE?

You’re a good fit for this program if:

You’ve got a business or life that is controlling YOU (rather than the other way around) and you struggle to step away from that business both physically (yeah, I’m talking to you if you’ve got your phone in your hand checking your email or social media all the time) and emotionally.

Your incredible work ethic is impacting your mood, your happiness, and your relationships.

You might have forgotten what makes you happy.


If you want to en-JOY your life AND your business, join me in It Pays to Play.

Exactly how your days will change looks different for everyone. But I can tell you this is NOT about adding another “self-care” to-do item to your already overloaded to-do-list.

Everyone connects with their happy in their own way.

Everyone has their own blocks.

You will NOT have to pull a tarot card every morning or turn into a meditating, vegan, yogi to connect with your happy…unless, of course, that’s where YOU find YOUR joy.

For those of you who like the details, here’s what you’ll get with a 1:1 3 month coaching package:

  • Each month for three months, we’ll have three calls and one implementation week to put the program into practice.
  • Shared Google Doc journal as you reflect on and change how you show up in the world and reconnect with the care-free happy you, which will also keep you accountable
  • Specific strategies and tactics to get a hold of your to-do list and shift your mindset
  • Your own personal Playbook to connect with your happy and have fun in life