Tricia Seaver Mystery Series

Book 1 -In the Cards

In the Cards was originally published as The Tarot Cipher. It now has a beautiful new cover and title to match the sequel.

The story follows an unwilling Tricia Seaver on an adventure in London searching not only for some ancient tarot cards but also for the courage to keep going, to learn to trust her gut, and to stand on her own despite her inner doubt every step of the way.

Book 2 - Cold Hard Cache

After a girl’s night out in her small hometown while visiting her mother and sister, Tricia stumbles across a dying man who manages to mumble a cryptic message.

Tricia soon learns that his final words weren’t drunken ramblings nor are they the only thing he left her with. Everything points to a missing treasure, one that has torn not only her small Idaho hometown apart, but her own family.