Each of my programs is designed to help you reconnect with your creativity, explore your voice, and bring your ideas to the page.

Current Program - Blogging for Beginners

January 11 - February 8, 2021

In this four week class, we will clarify the differences between a blog and a website, narrow down and choose the focus for your blog, create a bucket of ideas for future posts, and write and revise your first post (or two).

This course is hosted over at the Story Circle Network, an organization who's mission is to support women writers and raise public awareness of the importance of women’s personal histories.

Ongoing Programs - Free Write/Create Together Sessions

Each month, I host one (or more) sessions where we come together for a two-hour session to write/create in community with one another.

Previous Workshops & Programs

These programs may be offered again in a live workshop setting. Click on the link to get on the waitlist to get notified if/when they're offered again.

Idea Seed to Outline

Develop and organize your ideas into a clear outline, so you can start writing with clarity and confidence.

Soul Writing/ Journaling Workshop

Learn to connect with your soul on the pages of your journal in deep soul writing.

The Artist's Way Creativity Circle

A 13-week program to help you break through creative blocks and develop a consistent and joyful creative practice.