Accountability Partners Work

Last spring, my daughter earned her license as a Marriage and Family Therapist, so now she’s marketing herself and her services to grow her client list.

She chose Instagram as her platform of choice, and in January, she called me for support.

I stifled a laugh before admitting that when it comes to social media, I am an entrepreneur with a decidedly nonexistent social media “strategy.”

She grabbed right onto that and decided that we needed to build our platforms together.

“But I never know what to post!” I argued.

She didn’t care. Instead, she challenged me to participate in an IG challenge with her so we could support one another.

Guess what happened when I had someone I trusted to brainstorm ideas with, to push me, and to hold me accountable?

I did it! I showed up consistently and actually enjoyed posting which has never happened before. I even created my own little strategy (see #3 below), and it’s working!!

So what was the secret sauce to doing a hard thing? A clear challenge and a partner to tackle it with (much like a book coach and writer partnership).

Here are my takeaways from this experience:

1) Accountability partners work.

Whether you want to write your book or grow your platform before pitching your nonfiction book, having someone to support you when it gets hard, brainstorm ideas with you, and hold you accountable absolutely helps.

2) Taking action makes hard things easier.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a “lip sync” reel until this challenge. Had someone suggested it a month ago, my answer would have been a big ol’ “Hell no!” Over 2000 views later, I’ll do another one! My daughter and I each did our own versions while I was visiting her, and we had so much fun laughing at our terrible lip syncing skills. Totally worth it, even without the views. I’ve tried several “hard” things on IG, and now they don’t feel nearly as hard.

3) Educational content works on social media.

Social has always felt hard because I never knew what to post, but during this challenged, I realized that if I show up as a teacher on social media, I have no problem coming up with ideas to post because…I’m a teacher!

It’s actually fun to think, “What can I teach, today?” and create content around that. There are also all kinds of IG coaches who teach exactly how to create a post. Social media finally feels “doable.”

4) When we share our content and messages consistently, people will find us and respond.

After this post, I got asked to write a guest blog post on a pretty large website. This was a totally unexpected and happy surprise, but not shocking to discover when I put myself out there…someone found me.

If you’re looking to build your platform for your book, find an accountability partner, tackle social media, and think about what you can teach rather than what you can post. That little reframe makes it easier to come up with content.

Now, I’m off to plan my content for March. If you hang out on Instagram, give me a follow, or shoot me a DM, and we can stay connected there, too.

Or, if you’re ready for an accountability partner for your book, I can help with that too!

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