The Benefits of Writing a Book (beyond the sales)

When we think of writing a book, we often think of the final product and holding that completed book in our hands. It’s also what clients and potential clients often want when we first start working together.

So much of the marketing for writing a nonfiction book centers on the financial or business benefits potential writers will receive when they write that book. And there’s nothing wrong with having that as a goal.

But there’s also so much value in the writing process itself that we sometimes forget the value all of those pieces in our ROI-driven world (ROI=return on investment). When writing a book, time is one of the biggest investments you will make. But you might also invest money in writing classes/programs, coaching, or editing. If you self publish, you’ll also invest money into more editing, proofreading, cover design, and interior layout.

Thinking about the return on that investment of time and money is important. How much are you spending and what will you get from it?

We tend to focus on the financial returns in terms of sales or new clients, but it’s SO important to remember that the benefits of writing a book go far beyond the potential financial ROI it might provide you or your business.

The Real Value of Writing A Book

Writing a book is a process of self-discovery as you dive into what it is that you really want to say and share with the world, getting clarity on your ideas, thoughts, and your own heart.

These are the squishy areas that are harder to define, but there’s value in the learning and personal growth that happens as we navigate the book writing and publishing process.

There’s so much value in:

  • finding our voice
  • expressing ourselves in new ways
  • learning to share our work with others
  • being seen as a writer/author
  • developing and clarifying an important message
  • discovering our own creative process – if you allow for that and don’t blindly follow some teacher’s method for getting it done their way
  • developing confidence in ourselves, our ideas, and our thought leadership
  • learning to write, revise, and edit to clarify your ideas and stories

There’s so much to learn and it’s so fun!

You become a writer in the process. You grow and learn. Note that not one of the above benefits has anything to do with selling a book, getting a top-notch publishing deal, or making money.

All of those are great, but that’s not always where we find the biggest benefits of writing a book.

Writing a book is SO effing worth it even though the value beyond the sales can be difficult to quantify and measure. I’d even argue that the soft benefits are more valuable. Becoming an author, sharing my words and work, has pushed me and grown me in ways I absolutely never expected.

I’d even go so far as to say I’ve grown spiritually in the process of becoming a writer as have some of those I’ve worked with.

It’s a totally valuable and often unquantifiable journey.

If you want to write a book to build your business or make money that’s a fine place to start. But get ready because those metrics have nothing to do with what you’ll actually gain through the whole process.

If you’re ready to explore becoming a writer and diving into your own book, book a discovery call with Amy, and see if she’s the one to help you get started.

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