Creating Space to Write

Last weekend, I BLEW it. 

I had the opportunity to travel to Taos, New Mexico for a retreat with a group of super creative, amazing women.

And I didn’t go. I thought I was being responsible. 

I wasn’t being responsible. Nope, more like dumb. 

I ended up majorly regretting this decision, so instead of feeling (more) sorry for myself, I decided to host my own solo retreat and devote the weekend to creating – which for me means writing and quilting.

I would like to say that I managed to stay off of social media and didn’t do any client work which were two of my goals. But the siren’s call of Facebook and Instagram was too strong. I also did a bit of client work that I hadn’t gotten to during the week.

But here’s the HAPPY news: I wrote 4500 words on my current novel AND I made a few quilt blocks.

Insert happy dance!

Creative Intent

In reflecting on my “retreat,” I realized that these things happened because I was intentional about making them happen. 

A lightning bolt didn’t shoot down from the sky and strike inspiration into my heart so that I had no other option but grab a pen and begin scribing my story.


They happened because I made the time and space for them to happen.

As Jack London says, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”

I went after my creative goals “with a club” which is how EXACTLY how creativity happens.

How to Start Creating

Going after inspiration with a club might sound exciting, but it’s actually a much more mundane process than one might think: 

1) make the decision to create 

2) create space in your schedule for it, and

3) put your ass in the chair and do it

That’s it. 

People get “stuck” at any one of the three steps. Maybe it’s deciding what to create or do. Maybe it’s finding the time to actually do it.

Or maybe it’s one of the zillion fears and excuses that your critical self starts chanting when you think, “Okay, today I’m going to do my thing.”

You don’t have to have a whole weekend to begin. 

Five minutes works.

Try it. 

If five minutes is what you can fit in to play or create, start there. 

Write or draw or dance or sing or paint or do nothing but stare at the wall and dream for five minutes.

Celebrate your success.

And tomorrow do five more minutes.

This is where your joy is.

Give yourself permission to do what lights you up and be intentional about actually doing it.



P.S.  If you get “stuck” when it comes to creating, shoot me an email at and let me know if you’re ready to get unstuck and play with your creativity. I can help you start creating and get out of that stucky place. 

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