Are you brave enough to be a beginner?

Starting something new can be terrifying, especially for those of us with, um, some perfectionist tendencies.

It’s scary because we might totally suck, it might be hard, it might hurt (I thought I might die after my first Cross-fit class ever), or we might be awkward and terrible. 

On the flipside of that super positive coin is the opposite. Our new adventure might be crazy fun, it might push us, it will definitely force us out of our comfort zone, and we might just grow a bit and connect with our happy! 

I have been someone who’s too scared to be a beginner. It doesn’t create a feeling of safety. Instead, it creates a feeling of stagnation. 

This past weekend I watched my daughter (along with 2800 of her classmates) graduate with their college degrees. She’s at the beginning, with all the feels of being a beginner in a great big adult world.

And, she’s also one of the bravest people I know, stepping fearlessly through life since she arrived. She was the baby I had to nurse in a dark quiet room because if there was ANYTHING going on, she’d pop off my breast and turn her head, so she could “participate” in it. 

In the past month, she’s started a new Instagram focused on nutrition and wellness – her degree is in Nutrition with a Biology minor. And, she signed up as a rep for Zyia Active Wear because she thinks the entrepreneurial path might be the one for her, so she’s testing it out.

She recognizes that at age 22, she’s pretty much a beginner at many things, so she’s exploring everything and diving in. It’s so fun to watch. And, it’s also inspiring. 

It took me YEARS to quit teaching, a job that I was good at and comfortable in but that didn’t feed my soul.

Becoming a writer and an entrepreneur in my mid-forties terrified me. I went through massive imposter syndrome, “Who am I to do THIS?” through the lows of self-doubt and the highs of actually taking steps forward.

I’m finding myself there yet again as I pivot and re-focus on my writing, on LIVING (and not working all the time), and on creating a business that plays to my strengths and joys. 

This is my new beginning…writing and book coaching. 

I am a teacher at heart. It’s what I love to do (just not with 9th graders and Shakespeare).

Are you ready to begin acknowledging and following that dream you may have to write?

Happiness and joy don’t happen when you “get there.”

It’s here and now. Are you ready to be a beginner and start? embrace the calling to share your message?

If you’re ready, click here to get on a call to begin to break through some of those blocks and talk about working with me directly.

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