Saying Goodbye to Creative Projects

It’s time to say goodbye to a project that I truly enjoyed doing…until I didn’t, my podcast Dear Creativity, Let’s Write.

I haven’t published an episode in over a year, but I’ve held onto it because it was a lot of work! Can I just delete that? Also, what if I’m inspired again to do it? Do I want to get rid of it?

For the past year, the answer to those questions has been a solid “nope.” I have to keep it. Just in case.

But, as of this week, I know it’s time to say goodbye to this project.

First, I’m not inspired to create in that way anymore, and I haven’t been in a while.

Second, the thought of scripting, recording, and editing a new episode feels heavy in my body. If I ever do another podcast, I will absolutely hire a production team.

Third, I’ve been afraid I’ll regret this decision, so I’ve put it off. When we put hundreds of hours into a project, it can be especially hard to say goodbye.

With a book, we always still have the book, but with a podcast, all of the file are hosted on a server. When I delete my hosting plan, “poof,” all those files are gone. I’ll also have to remove all of the show notes from my website. OMG – that’s a lot of work too, so I’ve put off hitting that delete button.

If you feel any of the above – uninspired, heavy, only holding on because the project took time – it might be time to let go of a project of yours. Maybe it’s a book project that now feels like a heavy “should.”

Whatever it is, take a moment to ponder why you’re still holding onto it.

Creating Space

I also know that when I either finish a big project, like a book, or clear out an ongoing one, like my podcast, space opens up.

I have more space in my schedule to create and expand on new ideas, like the nonfiction book I’ve started or retreats that I’ve been wanting to launch.

I have more creative brain power to act on my ideas because I don’t have the old heavy ones weighing me down.

Does this make me a quitter?

Not at all.

I learned SO much from my podcasting journey, and who knows, maybe someday I’ll start a new show. But for now, it’s time to say a fond farewell to Dear Creativity, Let’s Write.

What projects have you hung onto because maybe, someday, you’ll get back to them?

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