I got together with some of my biz besties yesterday. We were talking about self-care, and one of the ideas that came up was that of comparison – how a healthy attitude should not include comparing ourselves to others.

Everyone nodded in agreement, like it’s a bad thing. 

I disagreed. 

Comparing things and being able to differentiate differences is one of the first skills we’re taught.

The problem is NOT with comparison. The problem is judging ourselves negatively based on random, arbitrary differences.

The judgment creates the problems. 

Don’t do that. Don’t judge yourself because someone else has different characteristics than you.

Instead, FOR SURE get inspired by others’ success!

Just because another person achieved something – their books are bestsellers (mine aren’t), they have a perfect Instagram feed (mine is random), they’re _________ (fill in the blank with a major success that we haven’t achieved) – has absolutely ZERO impact on my own achievements.

Another’s success is only bad if we decide that there’s not enough success for us all, so we’re doomed. And we shouldn’t even try. 

“They took all the success. None left. Poor me. I better sit here, put my dreams away, and hide.” It sounds ridiculous when put that way, right?

OR we can say, “Hey, if they can do that, so can I!”

I started going to CrossFit about 15 months ago. Let me tell ya…it’s HARD. I’m STILL often the last person done with a workout even after going consistently for all this time.

You know what happens in every workout? 

I compare myself to others, not because it makes me feel bad but because it pushes me to do better!

If another human can climb the rope or do a pull-up…why not me too?

It’s inspiring.

I shared a video on my Facebook page this week about a woman who had her first art show at age 98. Her work is gorgeous and unique. 

She’s creating, getting inspired and inspiring others with work that reflects her own individual perspective. No one else can do her work.

Do you.

Create YOUR thing. 

Get inspired by others’ successes.

To your creativity and joy,


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